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 [scan DE 2005] Popcorn #11

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[scan DE 2005] Popcorn #11 Empty
MessageSujet: [scan DE 2005] Popcorn #11   [scan DE 2005] Popcorn #11 EmptyDim 27 Oct 2013 - 13:33

Scans par Devilish/Max
[scan DE 2005] Popcorn #11 76880279[scan DE 2005] Popcorn #11 818728271

(manque la trad de la page de gauche)

encadré bleu:
Three ex-girlfriends admit!

'Tom sleeps with girls from the crowd!' - 'Bill watches strange couples have sex!' - 'Bill likes boys!' These confusing headlines have been all over the tabloids in the latest weeks. "It's all a lie", said Bill. It is truth! Tom isn't that big of a hero when it comes to going about girls at all, and Bill isn't a virgin! POPCORN was talking with Ina (17), Julia (16) and Sabrina (16), the ex-girlfriends of Tom and Bill, and got know, how those two boys in private life really are and how these girls with lived with the TH-boys...

Sabrina (16), Tom's ex-girlfriend

'Tom was always unfaithul!'

When did you know Tom?
Sabrina: Four years ago in gymnasium. I found him very nice since the beginning and we also got together relatively quickly.

How long were you two a couple?
Sabrina: More than one year but with some breaks. Tom was unfaithful for some times, he was kissing other girls. When I told this to him, I ended our relationship. And then he always came back to me, [guilty,] and confessed it all. And I forgave it him.

What all was between you two - did you have sex?
Sabrina: No, I was indeed quite often with Tom at home, also at night, but there was nothing except kissing and petting. (I am not sure about these two words ) To do something more, he was just too shy.

How did you break up?
Sabrina: I was sick of all this and I ended our relationship really roughly. His faithlessness hit me so much that I changed schools. I go now to Realschule.
Julia (16), Tom's ex-girlfriend

'Tom is shy. Our first kiss was on the 5th date!'

When were you and Tom together?
Julia: Last summer holidays. My friend Ina and me knew Tom and Bill all together. (all 4 knew each other at once) We had a classroom above theirs. The boys got our mobile phone numbers and text messaged us.

Was Tom the first one to kiss?
Julia: No, he was too shy to do it. First, I also had more fun with Bill. (while talking, she and Bill understood each other better) We didn't kiss until the 5th date. His kisses weren't bad. (giggles)

And - happened something more?
Julia: No, because we have never been at home alone, just us two, so we were out all the holidays. I wanted more, but Tom wasn't urgent about it.

Why did you two break up then?
Julia: It was really funny when we were divided. After the summer holidays we went back to school. And then there were those rumors about me, which Bill and Tom had to explain to the whole world. We didn't talk even one word after it, although we met quite often by way. (As in, they crossed paths but didn't talk.)

Do you believe, that Tom really slept with 25 girls? Julia: (laugh) Never in my life! He always makes from himself into a big macho man, but when it gets serious, he pulls his dick (penis) back! [ROFL AT THIS PHRASE]
Ina (17), Bill's ex-girlfriend

'Bill had already sex - but not with me!'

Ina, how was Bill like as a friend?
Ina: I found him then totally sweet and also arbitrary. He had a good sense of humor and wasn't so boring like many other boys.

What was between you two?
Ina: Nothing more than between Tom and Julia. We met always all 4 together. Bill wasn't that shy, he was always so near to me and he was really tender. He also sometimes [cuddled]? me.

Had you sex?
Ina: No, but I know, that he definitely had sex. He told me it. We have talked a lot about it.

Do you think that Bill likes boys too?
Ina: No, I don't! Although he looks "wife like", but he definitely isn't gay. He had also some girls already; I have never seen him with a boy!
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[scan DE 2005] Popcorn #11
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