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 [Reportage] RTVE - Interview TV espagnole

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Date d'inscription : 04/11/2006

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[Reportage] RTVE - Interview TV espagnole Empty
MessageSujet: [Reportage] RTVE - Interview TV espagnole   [Reportage] RTVE - Interview TV espagnole EmptyMer 23 Juil 2008 - 10:09

Part 1 :

J'ai juste la traduction en anglais par THUS de l'interview :
Citation :
1) How do you describe your style?

Bill: "well we cannot say we have an style, we do a bit of everything,
ballads, rock, etc."..and then Tom pickup the mic and said "wait,
wait..basically if you look for just one word to describe us it is
"good"", "yeah, we are very good and have a very good style"..

2) One of the fan ask TH: Bill when are you going to stop smoking?

Bill: "I haven't started yet"..."I haven't..really"

3) One of the fan ask TH: To Bill or the Band, do you know that all
your fans are not 15, that you have fans from 30 to 40 yrs old??

Bill: "Yes, we know and sometime I hear that older women wants to
marry me"..then Tom added "but hey if they look problem" and
Georg added " the experience and the age goes together, so great"

4) Do your feel thread or scare when you see some fans dressing like you and imitating you?

Tom: "No, we love it and as much people better, specially at the
concerts", "Bill and I were always looking to see people identify with
our style, so we love it".

5) Then, the question is what do they think about Spain, if they like it?

Bill: " we think is great cuz there is always such a nice
weather..and yes, I love the sun too. Then, Tom and I saw a little bit
of Barcelona today and it is a beautiful city."

6-second vid see link: A fan ask them if they have changed with the fame?

Bill: NO, if you ask anyone around us they'll tell you that we are
the same, and if we start changing then we have our friends or parents
to tell us better".

This is the basic ...maybe a German
native speaker could add more and more precisely...the fact is that the
lady that translate from German to Spanish is awful..

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MessageSujet: Re: [Reportage] RTVE - Interview TV espagnole   [Reportage] RTVE - Interview TV espagnole EmptyVen 25 Juil 2008 - 10:56

Super cet itv !

Est ce qu il y a une 2eme partie ?

Parce que la traduction ne correspond pas a la video, ce ne sont pas les memes questions ni les memes reponses ...
Je crois qu y en seulement une qui est dans la video, la derniere il me semble.
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[Reportage] RTVE - Interview TV espagnole
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