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 [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22

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[Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 Empty
MessageSujet: [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22   [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 EmptyMar 15 Juil 2014 - 14:43

Scans by beertje_86/thus
[Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 B6ed58acb266t [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 378a6e878561t [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 621613393d08t[Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 35c8f68deb1ft [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 A6fb42c83227t[Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22 Af0507daf707t

Psyche-check with Tokio Hotel
How Bill & Co use to love

1 I see a girl and first look at…
a) …the eyes. (Bill/Gustav)
b) …the breasts. (Tom)
c) …the bum. (Georg)
d) …the ensemble.

2 Do you believe in love of first sight?
a) Yes, of course. (Bill)
b) It already had happen to me.
c) I believe in it, but it never happened to me yet.
d) No, there’s nothing like that. You first have to know each other. (Tom/Georg/Gustav)

3 The most important thing in a relationship in my opinion is…
a) … honesty. (Bill/Georg/Gustav)
b) … faith. (Bill/Georg/Gustav)
c) … fun. (Tom/Georg)
d) … being congenial.

4 How to spend, in your opinion, the perfect evening with your girlfriend?
a) Snugging at home. (Georg)
b) Going to a restaurant and then to the cinema.
c) Going out with friends and having a party. (Bill/Tom)
d) Every evening would be great, by her side. (Gustav)

5 You fall in love…
a) …with the wrong girl always.
b) … with complicated girls. (Bill)
c) … not very often. (Bill/Tom/Georg/Gustav)
d) … quite often and again and again.

6 When you are in love, then…
a) … you could hug the whole world.
b) … you are cautions and deliberate about what could happen.
c) … you ponder all the time, if she likes you the same way you like her.
d) … you are thinking of her and talking about her all the time. (Bill/Gustav)

7 Romanticism is in your opinion…
a) … wonderful and important in a relationship. (Bill)
b) … overvalued. (Tom)
c) … nice sometimes.
d) … okay, because girls are into that. (Georg/Gustav)

8 The first date with your girl: What are you doing?
a) I invite her to a candlelight dinner. (Gustav)
b) We go to the cinema.
c) I ask her to come at my house. We’ll see what is going to happen… (Bill/Tom/Georg)
d) GoKart race. That’d be pure fun!

9 Your ex-girlfriend would say, that you are…
a) … honest and faithful. (Georg)
b) … exciting and passionate.
c) … romantic and playful.
d) … adventuresome and openly. (Bill/Tom)
Gustav said: …no idea…

10 Your girlfriend has a flirt with some guys at a party. How do you react?
a) No problem! I trust in her! (Tom/Gustav)
b) I watch the situation and await what is going to happen. (Georg)
c) I go there and entice her to leave them.
d) I ask her, what was the point of all that. (Bill)

11 What do you do, when you have lovesickness?
a) I get drunk!
b) I lock myself up in my room.
c) I take my mind off that by other girls. (Georg)
d) I talk to friends. (Bill/Georg)
Gustav said: I listen to music.

12 You find out, that the girl of your mate is unfaithful. What are you doing?
a) I’ll tell him. (Bill/Tom/Georg)
b) I’ll tell her to tell him – otherwise I will do that…
c) First I got to ponder, what to do.
d) I won’t interfering! That’s their business.
Gustav said: I’d wait till he knows.

13 Your girl confesses you, that she cheated on you. How do you react?
a) I sign off at once. (Bill/Tom/Georg)
b) I talk to her and ask her why… (Gustav: …and then sign off.)
c) I clout the guy. (Bill)
d) If I really love her, I’ll forgive her.

14 You fall in love with the girl of your mate. What do you do?
a) I got to forget her! (Bill/Tom/Georg/Gustav)
b) I tell my mate. (Bill)
c) Girls are more important than friends.
d) I confess my love to her and leave the decision to her.

15 After divisiveness, your ex-girlfriend is peaching intimate details and unfair things about you. How do you react?
a) She shouldn’t have done, because I know more distressing stories about her. (Tom)
b) I tell her to stop that shit at once! (Bill)
c) I don’t care. My friends won’t believe her anyway. (Georg/Gustav)
d) I play a joke on her, which she won’t forget soon.

16 You have a nice conversation with a pretty girl in the hotel-lift. While saying Goodbye, she gives you her number. What are you doing?
a) Nothing.
b) I ask my mates what to do… (Bill)
c) I’d like to get knowing her and invite her for dinner. (Gustav)
d) Sounds like an adventure. I call her. (Tom/Georg)

17 How do you think about one-night-stands?
a) Why not? It’s okay! (Tom/ Gustav said: Now and then.)
b) No way. (Bill)
c) It’s okay, if both agree with it. (Georg)
d) Maybe baby…

18 One of your mates is bragging about details of his sex life, in front of the cliques. What do you think about that?
a) That’s really embarrassing! And I’d say this forthright. (Gustav)
b) In my opinion that is childish. But if it pleases him…
c) I tell him, that this is hurting the girl’s feelings.
d) Who cares? It’s fun and amusing… (Bill / Tom / Georg)

19 Which of these VIP-girls is your favourite?
a) Angelina Jolie (Bill / Tom / Georg)
b) Avrial Lavigne
c) Jessica Alba (Gustav)
d) Rihanna
e) Eva Longoria (Georg / Gustav)
f) Shakira
g) Gülcan (from VIVA-Germany)
h) Ashley Olsen (Bill / Tom / Georg)


Bill – the romanticist
Flirt: It’s a blend of self-effacement and signaled interest, what makes Bill while a flirt that exciting. He is into exceptional and complicated girls, who partake of a dash of mystery and who do not shy away from doing the first step.
Love: Bill is firmly confident of the fact, that there is the love at first sight. He knows that he can decide anything according to instinct. Why he still hasn’t find the woman of his dreams, probably is up to his requirements: She doesn’t have to comply with the conventional beauty ideal. But the character of the one, whom he is giving away his heart to, has to be impeccable!
Sex: Bill is very romantic, and that’s why he first wants to get the girl to know, before he admits to sex. He never would consider ungraceful turning on and one-night-stands.
Relationship: Bill wants to have a honest and very faithful partnership, which never is getting drab. His girl has to be adventuresome and inventive. In addition, she shouldn’t ever trammel him. She has to tolerate his friends and has to sustain his career. She can be sure, that she has a boyfriend who is absolutely proper and always is behind her.
Jealousness: Faithfulness is very important in Bills opinion. He never would forgive an escapade. He not only would be very violated, but also quite resentful. Also Bill would do anything to be faithful to his dreamgirl.

Tom – the go-getter
Flirt: In contrast to his twin, Tom is much more upfront and direct. Girls, who please him optical, do not have to wait a long time, till they get an interested glance or some nice words. But they have to wait quite longer, till they hear a serious declaration of love…
Love: At present, it seems that Tom doesn’t want to enter deep feelings. He’s too adventurous and inquisitorial for this. In his opinion, love has to evolve slowly. He absolutely isn’t into rushing with a partnership, shortly.
Sex: Tom seems to be openly for everything. One-night-stands are exciting to him. He also doesn’t complain about experiments. Compared with that, romantic sentimentalism is peeving him a bit.
Relationship: At present, a partnership isn’t worth consideing. If he gets involved in a women for his life, she has to afford him freedom, but has to be absolutely faithful. Generally, Tom seems to favour the traditional relationship: He is top dog, she stays at home…
Jealousness: This keeps within limits. If he got cheated, it would harm his ego so hard, that he could start being revengeful.

Georg – the careful one
Flirt: At first sight, Georg seems to be cagey, but he exactly knows when a flirt is worth – and when it isn’t. And he’s a master in signalizing a girl his interest – and in showing her to take the first step! He is openly to every type – from the cute Olsen Twins to the more mature Eva Longoria.
Love: Georg is confident that real feelings have to grow slowly. He is careful and first wants to know everything about his girl of dreams, before the gives away his heart into her hands. But when everything’s suitable, he is poised for responding to her wholehearted and is eager to please her!
Sex: Georg doesn’t seem to mind erotic adventures, and he also doesn’t except one-night-stands. But sex only pleases him very much, when he is in a real partnership.
Relationship: A partnership means to Georg a kind of oasis of peace, where he can take a chill-out off all the career-stress. The woman of his dreams has to support him, to listen to him unburdening his heart to her, and to feel sympathetic to him. As a countermove to that, he never would hurt her!
Jealousness: Georg is controling his adverse feelings quite good. He always first would talk openly and give his darling the chance to comment on everything, instead of believing in gossip and suspicions. Because of the fact, that he appears faithful, being unfaithful was a reason for splitting up, immediately.

Gustav – the thoughtful one
Flirt: Gustav first has to quell, before starting a flirt. But as soon as a girl shows an interest, he gets to top form fast. But at beginning, there are no deep feelings.
Love: In Gustavs opinion, love is to the same extent exciting and romantic. When he falls in love, then with every little detail like tingle in the belly, fast beating heart and sleepless nights. A candlelight dinner is as self-evident as walk in the moonlight.
Sex: This is in Gustavs opinion as common as eating and drinking, a pleasing pastimes, absolutely natural and self-evident. But on a scale from 1 to 10, it doesn’t seem to be the number 1 in his life. Because there are to much other interesting things in his life.
Relationship: A real partnership means safety to Gustav. He wants to know, to whom he is coming home, he wants to confide in his partner and to feel understood by her, outright. It’s something, that he also is giving to her.
Jealousness: Gustav never would parade distrust and a broken heart. Before he’d have an outburst of temper, he first exactly checks, how a perfidy maybe has arose. But if the suspicion bears out, he makes a final stroke. Without any compromises.
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[Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°22
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