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 [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour

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[@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour Empty
MessageSujet: [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour   [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour EmptyLun 18 Mar 2013 - 20:35

Blah blah introduction to the show and the twins. Do you have a favorite among the participants?

Tom: I'd like to say; I just have the fear that people would perceive it so, that we're giving preference to somebody, and then people get the feeling that there's something unfair, therefore I will hold myself back as long as it's possible and not betray [the answer].

So the candidates had to pass muster before the jury, before Tom and Bill among others, in order to come as far as they have. Now it's our turn, the audience, but up until now, the jury were the only ones who presided over good and bad. It naturally begs the questions - would then the two Tokio Hotel boys, Bill and Tom, let each other onward, if the other brother came to DSDS as a candidate?

Bill: Well, Tom would probably not...

Tom: I would absolutely get through, because I simply have an unbelievably lovely voice, and, and, um...

Bill: [laughs] The thing is, Tom has in reality, probably, really, well, a nice voice, he just never trusts himself to sing. He's totally shy, which many people don't know.

Tom: What many people don't know is that in truth I'm the first to sing all of our songs, I guide the whole thing, and Bill sings them over later.

Bill: Tom always trusts himself to sing together with me, he just doesn't trust himself alone.

And when one asks if the two guys would let the candidate Dieter Bohlen through, there comes an astonishingly open answer.

Bill: No. Exactly. And aside from that, aside from that, he also says himself, I don't think he would be insulted, he's not an insanely good singer, I think, he can't stand there alone and deliver a number super amazingly. His qualities probably lie elsewhere, therefore, I think that he would have a tough time with us.

Hahaha, a very honest answer. If we remember back to when RTL announced that it was putting Bill and Tom Kaulitz in the jury of DSDS, there was a little media uproar, along the motto, "Oh, what are these guys doing in the jury? They should grow up first..." Meanwhile, this tone isn't coming over anymore, because meanwhile, it seems in the fact to be the case, the two guys have grown up.

Tom: I think that's simply due to the fact that we've simply gotten a bit older. I think overall, for instance I can also speak from experience, because I'm together with Bill all day long, he hasn't become much more mature. So... there's exactly as little in the brain as a few years ago. Not much has happened there. He just got a beard, otherwise, it's all the same.

Bill: [laughs] I think we... seriously, I think we simply, yeah, I think we have developed quite normally, like all other people do, and therefore...

Tom: Yeah, I just feel comfortable with my body, therefore I'll be stripping off soon, for a big newspaper... because I just feel comfortable with my body.

What perhaps until now hadn't penetrated the public consciousness at all is the close relationship between Bill and Tom Kaulitz; the two brothers really seem to be transmitting on the same wavelength. They also confirm that themselves, in any case.

Bill: Well for Tom and me, it's like so, we're nonstop, always together, every day, we do everything together, it's not even imaginable, if there wasn't Tom, I can't even imagine it, I can't even go into it and say, what do I particularly value, what do I especially need, it's just like this: we cannot even exist without one another.

The two guys are rather modern, go around quite stylishly, and Deutschland sucht den Superstar is, after all, searching for - it's emphasized again and again - a complete package, a star through and through, and also in this regard, styling is a very very important point. Therefore: a styling tip from the two guys for all candidates and naturally, also for all of us.

Bill: It's basically so, that naturally those who are a bit shyer or those who are just more simple from their nature, then they should also remain that way.

Tom: Yeah, that's in fact often the mistake of many stylists and so on, they always run around and say, "Man, you look so typical, let's just, we'll put on a golden glitter jacket, but that just looks disguised, it looks stupid. One can naturally always optimize a few things, but I think...

Bill: For instance, we have, with Susan or so, there was often the discussion, that she somehow looks too boring or something, I actually don't perceive it that way. One can of course give tips here and there, and of course one can dress better or worse, but I would never, for example, give Susan a crazy haircut, or I would never put some kind of spikes on her jacket, I would never lend her my jacket and say, "Put this one on and you'll look like a rockstar" or something, that's just, for everyone it's something different, and Susan has to find her own way. The most important thing is that one is authentic.[/QUOTE]

trad par Vnlasteamer
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[@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour Empty
MessageSujet: Re: [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour   [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour EmptyDim 24 Mar 2013 - 21:14

j'aimerais bien les entendre chanter ensemble *.* ça doit rendre bien si Tom chante comme son aussi bien que son frère :=):

j'adore lorsqu'ils parlent de leur relations, c'est juste adorable et touchant :hap:
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[@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour Empty
MessageSujet: Re: [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour   [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour EmptyLun 25 Mar 2013 - 17:51

Emma' : Tom chante aussi bien que Bill *o* (Ouais il m'a fait show privé krull)
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albina jeanne

albina jeanne

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[@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour Empty
MessageSujet: Re: [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour   [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour EmptyLun 25 Mar 2013 - 19:49

j'avoue que Tom a une voix très spécial :p): surtout dans une des versions de ''monsoon'' vous l'avez déjà entendu ? ' sinon bill ausii bien sur :-)
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[@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour Empty
MessageSujet: Re: [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour   [@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour Empty

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[@ DE] itw audio Bill et Tom pour
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